Exclusive Use

Is Exclusive use right for you?

Many of our clients request “exclu­sive use” service because they want a NOW delivery provider dedicated to them. In some cases, the NOW delivery provider runs a reg­u­larly sched­uled route, while other times our delivery provider reports to the client and is directed where he or she is to go for that day.

Some clients use an “exclu­sive use” delivery provider for a cou­ple of hours; oth­ers may use the delivery provider for the whole day. The scope of the “exclusive use” arrangement is very flex­i­ble and is based on your needs. An exclu­sive use delivery provider not only learns a lot about your busi­ness, but they can also pro­vide valuable insight about ser­vic­ing your customers.

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Please note: Exclusive Use services subject to availability at each branch location.