Why NOW?

You’ll be in control

You’ll drive your own car, choose your work days/hours, and control your income potential. You can always decide when you want to work more and earn more, as well as when you need more time off.

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You'll be the boss

NOW Courier drivers are independent contractors, which means you’ll run your own business. But unlike starting a business from scratch, you’ll have the full support of our customer service and dispatch team.

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You’ll get perks

You’ll get paid on a weekly basis to give you more flexibility with your paycheck. You’ll be eligible for automotive discounts, and discounted legal and financial services that are part of being an independent contractor.

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You'll serve people

Every day, NOW Courier customers will be counting on you for packages, medical samples, medicine, and more. And every day, you get to come through for them. the relationships formed on the job are incredibly fulfilling.

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Routed & Dedicated

If you enjoy a routine and building relationships with a core group of customers, a route is perfect for you. You’ll set your schedule and be dedicated to regularly scheduled shipments each week.

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On Demand

If variety keeps life interesting for you, you’ll enjoy On Demand driving. Where and when you pick up and deliver packages varies each day, and you’ll help us fulfill same-day delivery promises.

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