Our Services

Same Day Delivery

If you’re in the same county as one of our 7 NOW offices, we offer pickup within 60 minutes and delivery within 2 hours, 4 hours, and before 5 p.m.

Next Day Delivery

Next Day is a cost-effective option that’s still guaranteed fast. Delivery will happen by the end of the next business day after pickup.

Box Truck Delivery

Diversify your freight mix and take your supply chain further by ensuring your products arrive on-time and intact, while on one truck from origin to destination.

On-Demand and Routed

Whether you need it delivered once or every day of the week, there’s a NOW driver standing by, ready to help. Our arrangement is tailored to you.

NOW Service Area

Our local reach often makes us a great alternative to FedEx and UPS for fast, reliable, and affordable service in your area. With seven NOW locations, each with their own branch and warehouse, we’re already a substantial presence in the Midwest region, and we’re always growing.

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More than anything, our customers tell us they value their relationship with their NOW Courier team. If you’re looking for proactive people who bring solutions to the table, we can’t wait to get started together. 

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