Transporting COVID-19 & Antibody Tests




INDIANAPOLIS (May 27, 2020) – NOW Courier, a logistics company focused on providing fast, reliable, customized delivery options for businesses, announces it is transporting both COVID-19 and COVID-19 antibody tests to and from more than 60 Indiana labs and healthcare facility locations. NOW Courier, which primarily serves companies in healthcare, is currently transporting these tests for healthcare partners including Community Health Network, Parkview Health and more.


“While there are many unknowns related to COVID-19, we know the critical role testing plays in reducing the spread of the illness,” said Ryan Schwalbach, CEO of NOW Courier. “Ensuring the safe transport of tests between testing locations and labs is vital, and we take the mission very seriously. Our drivers have all the supplies required for safe, timely transport. We feel such pride in being able to do our part in helping Indiana residents and businesses get through this incredibly challenging time.”


Each NOW Courier driver works to quickly and carefully deliver tests using safe packaging items like coolers and dry ice within their own reliable cars and mini-vans.


Kevin Schaefer, manager of outreach laboratory services at Parkview Health, a health system based in Fort Wayne, said, “Safe and proper transportation is vital for all laboratory samples, as we want to ensure specimen integrity remains intact for accurate and reliable results for our patients. That’s why NOW Courier has been Parkview’s dedicated courier service for 18 years.”


Schwalbach added, “We’ve seen a nearly 25 percent increase in healthcare-related deliveries due to COVID-19. At a time like this, when so many people are out of work, we’re actually looking to add new drivers into our community. Each of our independent contracting drivers understand our important mission and their role in delivering positive patient outcomes and better healthcare experiences as a whole.”



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