Why NOW?

Strategic Approach & Partnership

For over 30 years, our team members and powerful networks have propelled organizations forward – sparking change, amplifying success, and illuminating possibilities.

We have a deep understanding of customer needs, a pulse on emerging trends, and an obsession with building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. In an ever-changing environment, this means delivering purposeful services and experiences, inspired innovation, and impactful communication at every touchpoint. This customer-focused strategy powers growth of our partnerships including iconic Fortune 50 organizations to local family-owned businesses.

We believe the key to providing first-class, custom logistical solutions is to remain focused on a strategic roadmap with clear plans outlined and a strong team in place to execute. We are encouraged by the progress being made against the core pillars of our roadmap – innovating to align with customer and market trends, investing in capabilities, and delivering enhanced synergies.

We have always defined success by more than financial performance. We believe how we do things is as important as what we do. Our purpose aims to articulate why we are in business and the impact we aspire to have on society. From transporting life-saving human blood to critical pharmaceuticals and everything between, it is more than a delivery, it is a commitment to enriching the lives of others.

Join us and experience the difference of a value-based, forward-looking partnership. Quite simply, the journey ahead is better together.

-Ryan Schwalbach, CEO & Owner 



To provide the most efficient, cost effective and value added courier services through quality service, people and proven technology while developing long-term partnerships with our customers.

Core Competencies


Single-source partner for nationwide delivery from local small parcel to full truckload


Custom IT ecosystem networked for online ordering, cargo tracking, and system integration


Meet and exceed medical and transportation industry standards for parcel and data security


Seven strategic locations utilizing 500+ drivers and 200+ courier partners, 24/7/365


Complete 4 million+ deliveries for over 5,000 satisfied customers each year


Solid financial performance and strong banking partnerships allow access to capital for meaningful customer investment and scale


When it needs to be there, our reliability is unsurpassed.

Medical Courier Services

NOW Courier is the Midwest’s most trusted medical delivery service. That’s because we understand medical deliveries can literally make the difference between life and death.

By utilizing the latest technology (barcode scanning, signature capture, GPS tracking), a fully integrated 24/7 dispatch system, online customer account access, and our drivers’ unmatched  certification and experience, we promise to get your time sensitive medical delivery to its destination on time, every time. Lives may be depending on it—and we take that very seriously.

Automotive Courier Services

At NOW Courier, we’ve noticed a growing need for auto part delivery services. That’s why we’ve partnered with many of the Midwest’s leading auto part retailers and auto shops. NOW Courier leverages a network of seven strategically situated regional locations which enable us to move a part from point A to point B quickly and efficiently.

NOW Courier offers routine auto part delivery with exclusive use drivers, or we can warehouse your products and deliver them to their destination on demand.

Interested in becoming a driver?

NOW Courier is an award winning workplace that offers a flexible work schedule and weekly commission payments.

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